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The Path To Building A Six Figure Online Business HAS CHANGED in 2022...

There's A Defined Science To Scaling...

And We've Not Only Discovered, But Broken It Down Into A Simple 3-Step Formula!

So, LISTEN UP If You Don't Want To Be Left Behind...

Most healers, coaches, & course creators are facing one big problem to growing their dream business...

What is this problem?

Well, before I tell you that, which of these best describes where you're currently at...

 Grinding hard just to get 1 sale every few weeks

 Bleeding cash on ads & other expenses desperately trying to drive traffic & conversions

 Spending WAY too much time in the weeds focusing on non-income producing tasks

 Promoting a course you spent tons of time building but that's just not selling

 Have hit an income ceiling, unsure how to create more value to charge more 

 Low on leads, getting ghosted on calls, and unable to close more deals

We've Found Most Coaches are Facing One Or More of These Constraints:

Not getting enough leads. Throwing darts at a board hoping to hit...
No time or energy. Spending precious doing things manually...
Not easy to learn more. Zero path-to-purchase for prospects...
No differentiation. Offer is not unique from anyone else’s....
Falling into comparison. Feeling inferior to others seemingly killing it…
Not working on right things. Obsessively creating content for hours/day
Not enough offer value. No program or system that packs a huge punch..
No sales process. Getting stood up on calls & failing to close prospects...
No client surplus. Results do not vastly exceed the price paid...

Which of These Sound Familiar? None Of Them Is The Primary Issue, But They're All Symptomatic of a Core, Underlying Problem. What is It?

What If I Told You That It's Not Your Skills, Your Abilities, Your Knowledge, Your Content or Your Work Ethic... But Instead A Radically Shifting & Quickly Changing Online Ecosystem?

The #1 Mistake Most Coaches Make Today Is...

They KEEP Doing What They Think Works...

But Which, In Actuality, DOESN'T WORK at all!

(Or Worse, Actually Hurts Their Reputation & Turns Potential Clients Away)

People Do Not Need More:

  1-on-1 Zoom calls

  Downloadable PDFs

  Private Facebook Groups

  Hours of Recorded Videos

  Dozens of Training Modules

  Cookie-Cutter Group Calls

What They Do Need (But May Not Know It Yet) Is:

 Help Diagnosing Key Issues

 A No-Effort Turnkey Remedy

 Max Gain for Minimal Effort 

 To Eliminate Pain & Suffering

 A Totally Transformed Reality

 A Healthy, Abundant Lifestyle

If You Keep Doing What Doesn't Work... & Continue Creating What People Don't Want...

Then You Can't Expect to Ever Grow Beyond Your Existing Limitations!

🚨 Successful Online Coaches Have An Irresistible Offer, Have Scaled Content Production, Use Specific Promotion & Lead Generation Tactics, & Use Sticky Packaging & Pricing.

Those Are Your Keys to Six Figures.

We're Going to Install Your Engine.

I use a Simple 3-Step System For Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs Ready To Break Through the Income Ceiling.

During the process of growing my portfolio of 7 online businesses...

I began documenting everything... what worked, what didn't... what to tweak to get what results... how to assemble the entire machine. 

I consolidated for all the tools, tactics, templates, and scripts...

Distilled the process to it's most simple necessities...

And compiled the entire process into an all-in-one offer called...

The Golden Key System™

Here's How It Works...

 This is not your typical coaching program – we join with you as a quasi business partner to help you reach six figures... as long as it takes. Here's our simple Scaling Adoption Roadmap™ you'll hop on as soon as you join:

  Onboarding: Orientation & Adoption

    Schedule Monthly Private Calls with Domain Coaches

    Added to Bi-Monthly Inner Circle Workshop Calls

    Added to Exclusive Six Figure Bosses Mastermind 

    Instant Access to Proprietary CRM Tool

    Begin Drip Sequence in Scaling Sciences Academy eLearning Portal

  Step 1: Accelerating Viral Hypergrowth

    Power Call #1: 120-Minute Coaching Immersion with Michael 

    Content Secrets: Strategy + Step-by-Step Workflow

    Facebook Group 10k-Member Mastery

    Instagram 60k-Follower Roadmap

       eLearning Training: Audience Building Masterclass (14 Mins)

       eLearning Training: The Microcontent Movement (27 Mins)

       eLearning Training: Viral Posting & Promotion (20 Mins)

  Step 2: Perfecting The 5 P's

    Program. Building a 10x Product That Delivers High Customer Surplus

    Promise. The Irresistible Offer Equation

    Packaging + Positioning. Organize Your Program for Roll Out

    Price. Use Pricing Psychology to Increase Sign Ups & Margins

    Process. Create a Top-Tier Onboarding & Transformation Experience.

       eLearning Training: 5-Step Formula to Creating a Winning eLearning Product  (50 Mins)

  Step 3: $1M Scaling Roadmap

    Lead Gen Automation

Step 4 - Lead Gen Automation: We'll pair you with our in-house web expert for hands-on refinement of your prospects' path-to-purchase. We'll handwrite your DM outreach cadence & sales call script with you. Armed with our proprietary lead gen software (tailor-made for coaches), you'll amplify outbound prospecting.

Step 5 - Earned Media Mastery: Get detailed instructions to become an authority in your space. Get interviewed on niche podcasts each week, earn backlinks with guest blogs, & find relevant speaking gigs.

Step 6 - Ad Domination: Hands-on implementation plus copywriting support & testing with our ads coach. Launch campaigns that are working for top coaches across Google, Instagram, TikTok & Facebook.

Step 7 - Scaling Blueprint: Implement our scaling blueprint to expand operations. You'll work 1-on-1 with our sales automation coach to merge skills & systems, prepping for those $100k months.

What If You Could Grow Your Coaching Practice to Recurring Five-Figure Months...? 

A digital sub-economy is quickly emerging where online coaches who have discovered how to scale their business using Digital Domination are generating five and six figures per month. 

That's what we help our clients do in six months or less at Scaling Sciences. Let me explain how it all began...

In 2019, off the heels of a life-altering spiritual awakening, I created New Earth Knowledge™ which has grown to 61k subscribers in three years

After hiring my first coach in 2019, I got my life coaching certificationForget college – that’s when my real education began. Since then, I've spent over $50k on investments, conferences, books, and coaching programs. 

I began to leverage my growing audience to do selective 1-on-1 work with other entrepreneurs. 

After quickly discovering that 1-on-1 would never scale, I launched my first e-Learning platform called Conscious Creator Accelerator™ Academy where I quickly enrolled 30+ students from my loyal following. 

All the while, I mentored with, studied, and learned from the most successful coaches, agency owners, influencers, e-Learning experts, e-comm gurus, and start ups to learn their formula to success. 

After a year running my first program, I realized online business success could be almost guaranteed, predicated on the entrepreneur's ability to tactfully orchestrate a cohesive strategy using systems, teams and automation.

I began documenting everything... anticipating I'd one day compile all of it in some kind of roadmap for others. I found that scaling could be broken down to into a science... but that a framework was needed to help guide the way. 

I've spent the past year distilling, cross-checking, and testing this methodology to help my clients grow and scale their business. 

While I'd been haphazardly testing disparate tactics for the few years prior (like most entrepreneurs still do today), after some finessing, I had crafted a comprehensive roadmap of the golden bullets to scale any online business. 

I’m proud to say, using that roadmap, we've helped 40+ coaches build disruptive personal brands and achieve almost instantaneous business transformation. 

And that’s what I want to help you do in under six months with my system that, somehow, no one else has assembled the way I have... until now. 

As soon as you join Scaling Sciences, we’ll create a custom plan to get you to consistent $50k months in under 180 days using our 7-step system and service that no other coach has.

Throw some time on my calendar so we can put together your customized game plan.

What You Get:

 Scaling Blueprint & Training

Get your hands on the exact systems and processes that top online coaches use in our 10-module e-Learning program. Each lesson in the curriculum is stripped down to the most actionable necessities, and includes video tutorials, directions, templates, scripts and more.

 Offer Optimization

We'll get in the weeds with you & set up a unicorn offer that distinguishes you within your niche. We'll analyze your current program & remedy any bottlenecks holding you back.

 Full-Time Remote Assistant

Within 3-5 days of signing up, we'll help handpick, train and employ your full-time VA among our pool of top remote agents from across the world. They will be highly trained on the specifics of your business. Our most successful clients choose to have their VA grow their Facebook group, set appointments, work leads with the CRM, and manage their Instagram page. We'll show you how to set up performance incentives.

 Lead Gen Automation

Get instant access to our CRM tool with your personalized dashboard. We'll train you and your VA on using the software (very easy to learn) to prospect across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Use hashtags/keywords to generate lists of thousands of targeted prospects. Create pipelines, customizable message templates, nurture prospects and close more deals.

 Done-With-You Online Ads

End-to-end ads support, implementation and optimization. We'll be hands-on with you from strategy to ideation to copywriting to set up to pixels to testing.

 Done-With-You Funnel

Duplicate and customize our exact five-figure funnel. We'll also work with you 1-on-1 to create, promote and leverage a perfect lead magnet (opt-in freebie on the front end of your funnel). Lean on our expert funnel hackers to continuously review, recommend and revise.

 Content Planning & Copywriting

We'll help you write content specifically geared to address your prospects' objections. We'll map out topics, titles and scripts for all your content.

 Conversion Optimization & UX

1-on-1 monthly workshop calls with our UX expert to ensure your web funnel is completely optimized for conversions at every touchpoint.

 DM & Sales Script Writing

We'll plan and write personalized DM outreach cadences geared to elicit immediate response, quickly get prospects salivating over your offer, and even have prospects begging you for a call. No more getting ignored or ghosted in chat. We'll rework your call script using Human Behavior Selling guaranteed to close 30-70% more leads. 

 Biz Automation & Team Building

We'll help build your fractional sales team hand-in-hand... from the job posting to interviewing, training, and onboarding. Our sales automation coach will help implement tools in your sales processes to mechanize repetitive tasks you didn't even know were hindering your growth.

 Inner Circle Membership

You won't be going at it alone — learn alongside a group of other performance-minded coaches inside the program. You'll jump in our exclusive Inner Circle which includes a WhatsApp group plus twice-per-month participatory group calls for in-depth funnel hacking, marketing coaching, win sharing, sales role play, and guest interviews.

⚙️ The 7-Step Journey You'll Take...

Here's How The Flow Of The Program Works:

1. Onboarding, Course Login, You Hire Top VA

2. Polish The Offer, Refine The Funnel & Optimize for Conversions 

3. Automate Content Production & Boost Social Growth

4. Use CRM & Automate Prospecting With Tools

5. Grow Media Exposure With Interviews & Features

6. Implement Done-With-You Ads Training

7. Build Remote Sales Team & Incorporate Key Systems

🧑‍💻 Scaling Sciences Academy

The Moment You Join, You'll Receive Instant Access To The Online Training Platform

 Intro: Housekeeping


 Phase 1: Cultivating Owned Audience


 Phase 2: Organic Instagram Domination


 Phase 3: Niche Ownership & Credibility


 Phase 4: Unicorn Program Creation


  Phase 5: The Conversion Funnel


 Phase 6: Hypergrowth Prospecting


  Phase 7: Human Psychology Selling


  Phase 8: 10x Client Experiences


  Phase 9: Digital Ads Mastery


  Phase 10: $1M Scaling Roadmap

Bonuses & Add-Ons:

  24/7 Tech Support

Daily support from our CRM customer care team.

  Priority Access to Our Coaches

Direct daily access to Coach Michael. Expect weekly check-ins and private coaching.

  Free Copy of "The Six Figure Coach" Book

Complimentary digital and audio copy of Michael's brand new book outlining the tactical blueprint for high-growth coaches ready to scale to the next level.

  Twice-Per-Month 1-On-1s With Our Expert Domain Coaches On Staff

Schedule 1-on-1s with our specialists for personalized training, application and implementation. You'll work closely with our Conversion Coach, Sales Automation Coach, and Ads Coach.


Michael Becker

Hi, my name is Michael!

I own a portfolio of companies including four eLearning products, a Shopify dropshipping store in the yoga apparel niche, a wholesale Amazon store, an alkaline water franchise, a passive Airbnb property and my primary business, this coaching program.

In 2014, I began a career in the marketing automation industry where I consulted for a number of brands from multinational SaaS companies to local startups. 

My insights have been featured on Content Marketing Institute, Convince & Convert, CustomerThink, Business2Community, Forbes,, and more.

As a coach, I've helped 40+ clients from all corners of the globe create disruptive personal brands and achieve lifestyle freedom.


Here's What Our Clients Have To Say:

Name: Eddie K.
Niche: Real estate arbitrage
Results: From zero to $5k+ per month in 60 days

Name: Lisa S.
Niche: Spirituality
Results: Instant $5k sale during coaching

Name: Kristen V.
Niche: Spirituality
Results: Launched new business & master course; grown audience to 4.5k+ in 5 months

Name: Reenee K.
Niche: Wellness
Results: Grown private Facebook group to 10k+ members; multiple profitable online courses running autonomously



Helped & Transformed


Organic Followers on Social


In Client Revenue



Helped & Transformed


Organic Social Followers


In Client Revenue

"Michael is an incredible business coach. I highly recommend his program if you're a coach or entrepreneur wanting to grow your business."
- Lisa S, Kansas City
$5k in one month

"Fundamentally, Michael is incredibly trustworthy and can legitimately help. The fact that I know he cares about the outcomes I'm getting is deeply meaningful."
- Eddie K, Ottawa
back-to-back $5k months
"In the several months I've worked with Michael, we've leveled up my business. I've experienced personal growth that's led to transformation in all of my relationships." 
- Reenee K, Toronto
multi-business owner & course creator
"I've worked with Michael for 5 years... by the time I'm reading about tactics online, Michael has already been using them and generated tangible business results."
- Kristen V, Boston
Student in Conscious Creator Accelerator

"Michael is incredible at social media strategy as well as marketing and outreach. I would recommend him 1,000%."
- Sarah S, Toronto
Student in Conscious Creator Accelerator
"I've learned so much from Michael's wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend joining the program today."
- Spencer C, Los Angeles
Creator, @junkDNA

 Eddie just pocketed $10k in two months with his new short-term rental business.

 Energy healer Lisa just made a $5k sale.

 Confidence coach Tara just closed the first student for her new course.

 Reenee has grown her Facebook group to over 10k members

 Kristen has quickly grown a new audience and launched her new course

Altogether, We've Helped 41 Clients Develop Their Online Business

With Top-Performing Clients Driving Consistent $5k, $8k, even $20k Months

Here's just a few of the niches our clients have succeeded in:

 Coaches & Consultants

 Reiki & Energy Healers

 Confidence Coaches

 Moon Cycle & PMS 

 Real Estate & Investing

 Day Trading

 Credit Repair

 Yoga / Pilates

 Network Marketing

 Alkaline Water


 Relationship Guidance

 Nutrition & Personal Training

 Mental Health & Therapy

Our Method Has Already Helped Countless Coaches Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Earn $50,000 In Your Online Business In The Next 180 Days, Guaranteed


If you qualify to work with us, we're so confident our process will work for you that we guarantee you will at minimum make $50,000 in the next 6 months or we will continue working with you for free until you do, so there's no risk whatsoever.

We have perfected and polished this process down to a tee. As long as you're open to being coached (and allowing us to rework your offer, help guide you, and iterate on your current sales processes), you will dramatically boost your revenue in 30-180 days.

We believe in guiding clients for as long as it takes to achieve desired results, so you will have access to the Inner Circle, group mastermind and coaching staff as long as needed to make this happen. 

If you're not completely blown away by the program — the personalized attention, the vast over-delivery of value in proportion to your investment, and the dramatic shift in your income — we'll make it right however need be. We have NEVER left a client hanging, and we will continue to support you indefinitely so long as you show up with a genuine desire to work.

Book Your 1-On-1 Action Call ASAP

To discover if we may be able to help you achieve your goals, book your action call now.

🧪 The Scaling Sciences Philosophy

  We will not let you fail, and will coach you for as long as it takes.

For our team, it's all about getting you long as it takes to manifest them. In short, we will not let you fail. We coach clients for life... and to us, success is the only option

I also believe that the old way of eLearning doesn’t actually work at all if it's recurring revenue and long-term results you want.

What do I mean? You don't need another cookie-cutter PDF program or generic group mastermind. You don't need more basic 1-on-1 calls. You don't need an ad agency or email copywriter or social media coach who fulfill merely one prong of a much larger puzzle. 

The new way is to leverage a comprehensive platform, a robust business-in-a-box that helps you rapidly build your personal brand then scale your business using the power of strategy, software, tools, teams, and automation

If you've been running around like crazy trying to grow your business without the success you desire, this program is for you. If you're unsure where to begin amidst the same-old scams out there, this is for you. If you're tired of being promised the ocean and only ever tasting a drop, I know the feeling. This program is for you.

💊 What If You Could Bypass The BS And All Those Exaggerated Claims...

The Misleading Marketing, Doctored Numbers & Baseless Promises?!

  I'm about to red pill you hard.

A moment of brutal honesty, here... many programs today set extraordinarily high expectations — promises of "$100k months in 30 days" or "$420k in six months" are, unfortunately, becoming the norm. 

Why do I say "unfortunately?" These kinds of claims are heavily skewing perception of what's actually feasible in running an online business. While bold, these kinds of numbers simply are not reasonable for the majority, at least for the first year in your coaching business.

Trust me... these coaches are creatively distorting their numbers, using outlier hero accounts, and misrepresenting revenue all to hook gullible rookies. Most are not doing anywhere near half-a-million per month and neither are their clients.

Making these kinds of ridiculous and lofty claims is a dangerous game because it leads to false promises, it shifts the focus of the work in favor of doing what’s fast instead of what’s sustainable, and it distorts decision making throughout the scaling process. 

Due to false expectations, both the coach and student begin rushing the process — making bad choices, seeking instant gratification, and chasing cash... instead of getting it done correctly. In lieu of consistently generating real results, these programs just create disgruntled students who then add to the skepticism in the space. I’ve seen it dozens and dozens of times. 

So, that’s not what we do. And I’m very transparent about that. In fact, this program isn't for everyone. If you're looking for the quick hit, you can leave this page now. If you don't want to grind, you should leave now. If you're not addicted to the hustle, leave now.

Why? Because in order to do this, that's who you have to become

The harsh reality is that building a successful online coaching practice is incredibly hard to do! Scaling takes time! The journey requires transformation on every level. It demands patience, persistence and performance every single day. 

For that reason, we're selective about who we work with. We can only help coaches who are committed to making this their #1 priority. If you don't want it as bad as you want to breathe, or aren't willing to make an investment in yourself, you should X-out now. 

To see if we can help, schedule your action call now.

Who We Can't Help

🚫  Unwilling to invest in yourself
🚫  Listen to ego's excuses for why you can't
🚫  Comfort zone is more appealing than change

Who Will Massively Succeed

✅  Trust yourself & committed to transformation
✅  Determined to go full-time coaching
✅  Ready to turn up the heat & hit $30k months

🧬 Scaling Resources

Pre-Sale: The Six Figure Coach

Free Training: Marketing Elites

Join Free Facebook Mastermind

Mentee to Million-Dollar Entrepreneurs


 What is the investment?

We know cost is an important component of decision-making and investing in yourself. We want you to thrive without going bankrupt in the process. While other coaches typically charge $10k+ for similar programs, our system is priced well under its actual value so you can maintain leverage as you build. We will create a customized package for you based on your specific business goals if there is mutual alignment to move forward. The cost of the program will be between USD $6,000 - $8,000. 

 How long is the program? How long do I have access to the course?

The online training portal contains 10 modules. It's constantly being updated. After you sign up, you'll have access forever.

 What do we do on the bi-monthly Inner Circle call?

Our tight-knit mastermind is a participatory, workshop-style call. In the meeting, we'll screen share, role play, exchange wins and learnings, evaluate students' messaging and sales scripts, and more. 

  Why should I choose this program?

This is the only done-with-you program of its kind. If you want to use automation mixed with digital tactics that top entrepreneurs are using to grow your program to $50k+ then this is for you and we want to help you realize your dreams.

 How do you select my VA? Is their fee included in the cost of the program? Will my VA be fluent in English? What is their experience?

We will help handpick the specialist who will be working on your business from our exclusive network of top VAs. We have a pool of top 1% VAs that we'll draw from for you. Their fee is not included in the cost of the program so you'll be responsible for compensating them separately. We only work with experienced assistants who have proven track records of driving results for U.S.-based coaches. They will speak perfect English.

 Who, exactly, are your coaches that I'll be meeting with?

Isaac, our Conversion Coach, specializes in helping businesses raise conversion rates through the user journey. He has worked with brands including Apple and Samsung. With Isaac, you will ensure your website is optimized for speed and experience to maximize UX. Christina is CEO at her sales training company. She has also worked in the business automation industry. With Christina, you will refine your sales approach and practice mock sales calls, as well as create a roadmap for hiring a team and implementing automation in your processes. Alan is head of his own digital ads agency Awe Social Media. For ten years, he's been helping clients grow their social presence and improve ad ROI.

 I'm not aligned with lead gen automation... I don't want to do cold DMs or prospecting.


 What happens with my access to the CRM tool after the 180 days is up?

After the duration of the program, you will have the option of re-upping with us — in which case there will be a flat monthly fee which we will share on our call — or simply absorbing the monthly cost of the CRM yourself if you wish to keep using it. 

 Am I guaranteed $50k after 180 days? What if it doesn't happen?

Exact results differ since everyone's business is unique. Nonetheless, this only works if you do. We guarantee you will get to $50k, yes, however timelines vary for individuals. Our promise is to enable access to the calls, course, and coaches until you get there. With that, there's no risk to you.

 What additional costs will I need to account for?

Anticipate small monthly fees for various "point tools" (such as the obvious ones like Calendly, ClickFunnels, and email plus non-expensive solutions which we share inside the program). You should also allocate a small pool for ad spend.

 What if I only need parts of the service offering? Can I pick and choose which I need?

Yes, you can choose only part of the offering if you'd like although the program is meant to be consumed in its entirety. Together, we will evaluate your biggest priorities and opportunities to ensure you get the results you need from the program. 

 Who are your clients and what are some recent client results?

Our clients are entrepreneurs in the coaching and healing industry. Click here to watch our testimonials. A recent client just made $4,500 in one booking while another has her online program running on autopilot and a fully-equipped funnel. 
Need help? Call: 1.513.490.1743 (or) email:
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