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A digital sub-economy is quickly emerging where coaches who have discovered how to scale their business using teams, tools & automation are generating six figure income each month

The 10-chapter, eBook reveals our highly- condensed, super actionable steps that, if followed to a tee, are guaranteed to help you grow your business to $100k in the next 6 months or your money back.

The book takes you on a journey to six figures using diagrams, illustrations, templates, scripts, case studies, examples, and detailed directions.

Here's the outline of the book chapter by chapter:

  Pit stop #1: Cultivating Owned Audience
  Pit stop #2: Organic Instagram Domination
 ➤ Pit stop #3: Niche Ownership & Credibility
 ➤ Pit stop #4: The Unicorn Offer
 ➤ Pit stop #5: The Conversion Funnel
 ➤ Pit stop #6: Hypergrowth Prospecting
 ➤ Pit stop #7: Human Psychology Selling
 ➤ Pit stop #8: 10x Client Experiences
 ➤ Pit stop #9: Digital Ads Mastery
 ➤ Pit stop #10: $1M Scaling Roadmap

Using the roadmap outlined above (and publicly revealed for the first time ever in the book), we've helped 40+ coaches build disruptive personal brands and achieve almost instantaneous business transformation. 

And we want to get it in your hands for a ridiculously low price point because of how potent this system is and how important it is that all coaches be armed with our methodology.

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  In-Depth Digital eBook

We reveal 99 strategies and tactics that top coaches are using to get to six figures. Each of the 10 chapters is broken down into lessons which include actionable exercises, templates, and scripts you can implement in the next 12 hours.

  The Six Figure Coach Audiobook

Full three-hour MP3 recording of the book in its entirety. Listen while working out, driving, or relaxing.

  Our Six-Figure Funnel Strategy

15-minute bonus video where we reveal our master funnel strategy. Learn how to break down your deliverables into standalone sellable pieces and re-purpose key funnel stages for various projects.

  Marketing Elites Training

Immediate access to our exclusive, 2-hour Marketing Elites group coaching recording. Integrate lesser-known audience building secrets on social media.

  99-Step Checklist (Infographic)

Infographic PDF breaking down all 99 tactics included in the eBook.

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“So, What's the Trick to Massively Growing an Online Business?”

We've Broken It Down Into an 99-Point Step-By-Step System Guaranteed to Drive Results...

From: Michael Becker
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear friend,

If you've been running around like crazy trying to grow your business without the success you desire...

Then this book is for you. 

If you're unsure where to begin amidst the same-old scams out there claiming to get you to "$100k months in 90 days"...

This knowledge is for you. 

If you're tired of being promised the ocean and only ever tasting a drop, I know the feeling. 

This book is tailor-made for you.

You’d think everyone and their brother was raking in these so-called “$50k months” which has become  the arbitrary threshold that content entrepreneurs are all vying for today.

I'm going to keep it real. The truth is that the vast majority are nowhere near $50k per month in income, let alone six figures – despite what they say or share on social media.

Don't fall for the masqueraded lifestyle images, doctored claims, and distorted revenue screenshots!

Earning money online as a coach is not easy. It takes time, trial and error, plus access to the right things. 

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying out of their ass or just outright crazy. 🤷

This book acknowledges the bullshit that's been perpetuated in a very saturated coaching industry and goes well above and beyond what others are preaching, teaching and even doing.

No more throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

No more guessing. No more games. 

We've cracked the code to growing a massive audience and coaching practice online using our proprietary scaling sciences methodology...

Scaling is really not all that complex: it's all about creating consistent conversion content, incorporating repeatable processes, leveraging tools and automation, building remote teams of VAs and Sales Closers, and duplicating yourself

Spoiler alert: that’s how the top 1% is doing it. 

And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do step-by-step in the 99-point eBook.

I've packed so much information inside this book, I honestly thought twice about if I should give it away so cheaply. 

I'm so sure this book will change your life as you embark upon the journey ahead that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

It's time to fulfill on the person you were truly born to be.

Success is only a few months (and 125 condensed pages) away if you implement the strategies shared in the eBook... I literally guarantee it! Are you in?

Cheers to your prosperity and success. I'm here to help.



Michael Becker

Hi guys! 👋 My name is Michael. 

I own a portfolio of companies including several eLearning products, two e-commerce stores, a network marketing franchise, an Airbnb arbitrage company and a coaching program called Scaling Sciences.

I have been featured on Content Marketing Institute, Convince & Convert, CustomerThink, Business2Community, Forbes, Hyken.com, and more. Back in 2014, I began a career in the marketing automation industry where I consulted for a number of brands from multinational SaaS companies to local startups. 

I had a powerful awakening experience in 2018 and began selective 1-on-1 coaching in 2020. I launched my first group program in 2021 and enrolled 30+ other coaches. Since then, I've been focused on acquiring other info product and e-comm businesses and building my coaching program.

As a coach, I've helped 40+ clients from all corners of the globe create disruptive personal brands and achieve lifestyle freedom using the processes outlined in this comprehensive eBook.

A Peek Inside:
Cultivate a massive audience by catering to what the algorithms (& your prospective buyers) want to see... even if they don't know it
Diversify content channels & revenue streams only when it makes sense but not too early
Turn objections into assets & break down your prospects' self-limiting beliefs with your content based on what they share with you
Inside, You'll Also Get:

 The 8 Secrets High-Influence Coaches Know

I’ve studied, mentored alongside, and collaborated with today's most successful hustlers – coaches, agency owners, e-comm gurus, eLearning experts, authors, speakers, and start ups. I reveal top secrets to entrepreneurial success which are common across the board.

 Case Study: 10x Client Onboarding & Experience

See how to re-contextualize client experience & immediately implement above-and-beyond customer obsession protocols in your business. Learn how top coaches use specific failsafes and checkpoints to practically guarantee client success (and get rave results).

 Sales Call Scripts & DM Messaging Templates

Successful coaches use unique questioning skills to open up prospects, initiate conversation, and create a collaborative sales process. I share call script templates plus tools to automate DMs (that still feel customized) so you wake up with warm leads waiting in your inbox.

 Pricing Secrets for Your Membership OR High-Ticket Offer to 3x Sales

Dive deep into pricing psychology for your subscription programs and high-ticket offer to hook, compel and convert more buyers.

 Scheduling Process & Intake Form to Double Attendance Rate

Create pre- and post-call workflows to increase likelihood of attendance while also getting all of the information you need about prospects.

Breakdown of Exactly What to Expect...

Inside The Six Figure Coach, we'll share exactly what we're doing right now to enroll new high ticket clients weekly using systems and tools...

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside this new book... 👇

Chapter 1: Cultivating Owned Audience

 Page 10: 5 ways to create an aura of high status on social media. Learn how to own this digital clout culture to attract brands, clients, and followers.
 Page 14: Let your knowledge sell for you by building an educational content library with rich evergreen content.

Chapter 2: Organic Instagram Domination

 Page 20: 5 types of Instagram posts to start making to go viral, instantly drive inbound leads, and incentivize your audience to act on your offers. 
 Page 22: Incorporate auto welcome messages that feel customized for new followers and amp up volume of conversations.

Chapter 3: Niche Ownership & Credibility

 Page 24: Get interviewed on others’ podcasts without manually hunting through iTunes.

 Page 28: Boost authority as a presenter and find (or create) speaking gigs.

Chapter 4: The Unicorn Offer

 Page 34: Create an irresistible offer by crafting a claim so audacious it can’t be passed up.

 Page 39: Offer massive customer surplus and deliver a 10x disparity between cost vs. value. 

Chapter 5: The Conversion Funnel

 Page 43: Develop lead magnets and use them to get opt-ins.

 Page 47: Eliminate ghosting and negate no-shows with auto-reminder workflows.

Chapter 6: Hypergrowth Prospecting

 Page 55: Do personalized lead gen using free gifts, video breakdowns, and usable templates.

 Page 67: Amplify outbound messaging with a CRM to organize & mechanize outreach.

Chapter 7: Human Psychology Selling

 Page 79: Specific techniques to show up as a neutral advisor so the sale doesn't feel salesy.

 Page 88: Get our "C.L.O.S.E.R.S" call script that encourages collaborative selling

Chapter 8: 10x Client Experiences

 Page 101: Automate onboarding and prepare clear next steps that engage clients after sign up.

 Page 113: Set up accountability protocols by creating multiple client feedback loops.

Chapter 9: Digital Ads Mastery

 Page 121: Get cheap placements on theme pages and boost sponsored posts on Instagram.

 Page 134: Learn how to work with messaging tools to send Auto DMs and Mass DMs with strategy.

Chapter 10: $1M Scaling Roadmap

 Page 150: Remove yourself and prioritize processes that run run the background.

 Page 167: Add equity and complementary value-adding capabilities by acquiring other businesses.

Here's What Clients Are Saying:

"Michael is an incredible business coach. I highly recommend his program if you're a coach or entrepreneur wanting to grow your business."
- Lisa S, Kansas City
$5k in one month

"Fundamentally, Michael is incredibly trustworthy and can legitimately help. The fact that I know he cares about the outcomes I'm getting is deeply meaningful."
- Eddie K, Ottawa
back-to-back $5k months
"In the several months I've worked with Michael, we've leveled up my business. I've experienced personal growth that's led to transformation in all of my relationships." 
- Reenee K, Toronto
multi-business owner & course creator
"I've worked with Michael for 5 years... by the time I'm reading about tactics online, Michael has already been using them and generated tangible business results."
- Kristen V, Boston
Student in Conscious Creator Accelerator

"Michael is incredible at social media strategy as well as marketing and outreach. I would recommend him 1,000%."
- Sarah S, Toronto
Student in Conscious Creator Accelerator
"I've learned so much from Michael's wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend joining the program today."
- Spencer C, Los Angeles
Creator, @junkDNA


Altogether, We've Helped 41 Clients Develop Their Online Business

With Top-Performing Clients Driving Consistent $5k, $10k, even $20k Months

Here's just a few of the niches our clients have succeeded in:

 Coaches & Consultants

 Reiki & Energy Healers

 Confidence Coaches

 Moon Cycle & PMS 

 Real Estate & Investing

 Day Trading

 Credit Repair

 Yoga / Pilates

 Network Marketing

 Alkaline Water


 Relationship Guidance

 Nutrition & Personal Training

 Mental Health & Therapy

Our Method Has Already Helped Countless Coaches Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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Delivered Mid-August. You'll Get It First.

  Backed by our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love the book, let us know, and we'll give you your money back plus let you keep the book and bonuses as our gift to you.
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